Worth Considering — Always

Viewing Point — The place where you are, your eye level. Viewing Angle — The place where you are, your eye level and the angle from your point of view. Viewing Height — The place where you are, at your eye level and height or elevation. Horizon Line — That place where the land and …

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The Organic Foods Movement: Led By Multinational Corporations Or We The People?

In the past few weeks, the USDA has once again attempted to weaken the federal organics standards that so many Americans have worked hard to enshrine into federal law. These changes would have allowed food labeled as “USDA Organic” to contain hormones and antibiotics in dairy cattle, pesticides on produce and potentially contaminated fishmeal as …

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Polymer Skips the Light Fandango

Polymer skips the light fandango By Roger Brownlie 12 November 2003 – Nitto Denko Corporation of Japan has produced what it claims is an optical grade polymer with the highest refractive index in the world. Compared with previous polymers, the refractive index has risen by 10-15% to 1.76. The thermosetting polymer also has good thermal …

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The Fifth Epochal Revelation (5ER) – Paper 134

The Urantia Book Paper 134 The Transition Years 134:0.1 (1483.1) DURING the Mediterranean journey Jesus had carefully studied the people he met and the countries through which he passed, and at about this time he reached his final decision as to the remainder of his life on earth. He had fully considered and now finally approved the …

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