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The Eye of the Beholder

I knew a man that, prior to embracing Jesus, spent much of his life residing on skid row. He later dedicated his life to a ministry for special populations that had challenges similar to his earlier ones. This man exuded a wisdom that was informed by the hard work associated with getting his life back …

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Attitudinal and Behavioral Blasphemy

One of the greatest embarrassments to the faith is the masquerade. Those feigning reverence for all that Jesus taught and exemplified, while harboring attitudes and engaging in behaviors that make a mockery of those same ideals, are doing far more damage than good. This is Lucifer’s legacy. For the self-proclaimed God of Liberty has advanced an unbridled …

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It’s All Good?

We’ve all seen the bumper sticker that exclaims “It’s All Good.” I once worked with a woman of authority in a small Baptist church whose car had one of those stickers. She took some heat for it but, as far as I know, it is still prominently displayed on her car. The “heat” would come …

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I Will See You In Paradise

Some regard Paradise as the garden from which Adam and Eve were evicted. To others, paradise refers to Maui. And then there are those who see Paradise as the origin and destiny for all spiritual and physical energy, the gravity center for a universe of universes, the geographic center of infinity, and the eternal dwelling …

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It Is What It Is

The French television series Varsailles was set during the civil wars in France that occurred in the midst of the Franco-Spanish War. At that time Louis the 14th  was confronted with the combined opposition of the princes, the nobility, the courts, and most of the French people. In the show, during one fictional encounter, Louis meets …

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