God Consciousness

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We each have faithful companions that sometimes go unrecognized. One is the Promised Helper that sojourns with the human soul. Jesus referred to this Spirit of the Son as The Spirit of Truth that will guide us into all truth if we are sincerely willing to be led. He was also referring to his personal spiritual presence when he said: “Behold, I stand at the door and knock, and if any man will open, I will come in.” If you sincerely desire to reach your highest and best destiny, then this divine Spirit will gently and lovingly lead you along the pathway of sonship and spiritual progress. Every step must be in accordance with our own thoughtful free will. It will be one of many steps taken as we embark on a journey through intelligent and cheerful co-operation.

Jesus said: “I will be with you, and my spirit shall go before you into all the world.” Clearly the Spirit of the Son is empowered to do precisely what Jesus promised. Throughout our history, humanity has encountered and been told of many spirit influences, both “clean and unclean.” And, once the Spirit of Truth was “poured out upon all flesh” at Pentecost, it became the faithful guide while coordinating the full spirit complement that indwells and envelopes us. Even so, true Spirit leading is never tainted with coercion, nor is it in any way compromised by compulsion.

There is also the Holy Spirit. This is Our Creator Son’s Spiritual Consort that has been conceived of, throughout history, as the Creative Daughter. In addition, there is the direct presence of Our Heavenly Father, nested within the minds of humankind. It is an integral part of that endowment resting gently upon the electrochemical mechanism we think of as the physical brain. We have something from The Father himself which actually dwells within us while our minds and bodies serve as temples.

When Paul wrote: “in Him we all live and move and have our being,” he was cognizant of Our Father’s all pervasive nature. God is omnipresent in addition to being omniscient and omnipotent. The knowledge of the Spirit is profound in addition to being complete. That part of God, that indwells our minds, is able to reveal things to us as needed in service of the Kingdom. 

Ours is not merely an elemental, fundamental, or even an intellectual religion. It does not stem from the religions of arbitrarily assumed authority but is rather a truly experiential religion of the Spirit. Likewise the Sovereignty of Christ is not one of arbitrary assumption. Jesus lived a bestowal life characterized by fatherly devotion and tender affection within the context of personal relationships. He faithfully submitted to the will of Our Father, not because of any unworthy motivator such as fear. He did so because they truly love one another just as Jesus admonished us to love one another.

Faithful submission also serves our highest and best interests within a vast universe of universes. Within this diverse creation, we each have the potential to be perfect even as the Heavenly Father is perfect. This can occur only within the context of Divinity, that characteristic unifying and coordinating quality of Deity.

The carpenter always has some important reference within the larger creation and uses visual clues to “true up” or align his own creation with that larger truth. For a painter, the quality of the work always depends upon the quality of light falling on the canvas. A musician must work with the components of sound to build a soul satisfying connection with the audience. The individual notes that comprise a chord are not unlike the color combinations used by the visual artist, and like the latter, the overall effect on any good work will be consonant, dissonant, diminished, augmented and ultimately resolving in ways that are pleasing to the listener. Without taking the time to tune however, the individual musician cannot contribute much to the creation of beauty or give what would be termed a good performance.

What the true Lover, Painter, Carpenter and Musician have in common is high motivation. Through their commitment to the high mission of art, they foreshadow a higher reality. When Jesus said “Love one another as I have loved you” he was underscoring the fact that his life was lived in accordance with an overarching commitment to that which is true, beautiful and good. The act, in accordance with the Golden Rule, yields good habits, the healthy conditioning we have been seeking. 

The Divine Son who admonished us to love as he loved had, in effect, redefined and upgraded the golden rule. For his love has always been expressed in accordance with the highest concepts of Truth, Beauty and Goodness comprehensible by us. While it is true that the prophets who walked before him always taught in accordance with the light of their day, Jesus is the whole light, the rule, the standard reference, the first violin, the perfect pitch, the Truth. And his Spirit of Truth is right now laboring to move us into a greater appreciation of that Truth.

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